• Michael Rawlinson QC

Founder of Climate Law Ltd: panelist at the Timber Trade Federation’s annual event 12 November 2020

Michael Rawlinson QC (founder of Climate Law Ltd) is a barrister who was called to the Bar in 1991 and took silk in 2009. He is based in chambers in London (12 King’s Bench Walk) and Manchester (King’s Chambers). His background in aviation collision litigation and the long term effects of inhaling contaminated air (whether from asbestos fibres arising from historic industrial processes; from part-pyrolised bleed air in the air conditioning systems of modern civilian aircraft or from diesel contaminants in urban inhaled air) has led over the years to a growing interest in air quality and general human health. 

From 2012 he has become increasingly involved in the activities of Mere Plantations Ltd and, through them, the regulatory aspects of tropical timber growth and lawful harvesting together with the associated carbon offsetting. This year he has set up a corporate vehicle for the provision of advice in this area, Climate Law Ltd, in addition to his ongoing practice in chambers.

Michael has been enlisted as a panelist speaker at the upcoming Tropical Timber Trade event, being held online this year on 12 November 2020.

You can learn more about the Timber Trade Federation and their annual event here: https://ttf.co.uk/upcoming-events/

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